"I'm smart enough to know I'm dumb" - Feynman

About Me

Professionally, I’m an entrepreneur, growth leader, and analytics engineer. I’ve worked at and consulted with organizations both large and small. I’ve also started and built a handful of my own companies, two of which have been acquired. I’m a builder at heart and love watching an idea turn into a product.



Personally, I’m always working towards growth and balance in my life physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, and through my relationships. One way this manifested itself was when my other half and I bought a log cabin at the beginning of the pandemic. She and I lived full time at the cabin for an entire year and had one of the highest growth periods of our lives. Now we spend most of our time Austin, TX.


It’s extraordinarily difficult to find someone who is a true expert in SEO and analytics engineering like Cody is, and even more challenging to find someone who is so deeply specialized in one area of marketing, but also wants to be a true expert in others.

Chris Piper


Cody is one of the most adept marketers I’ve met. He combines a “big picture” mindset when approaching business issues strategically, combined with his ability to scope near perfect implementation plans, and tactically execute against them.

Nick Eubanks

Founder & CSO

My Writing

I write about a whole slew of topics ranging from startups, growth marketing, and SEO to book review, physical and emotional well-being, and productivity.