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About Me

I’m the Chief Strategist & Founder at Assisted Reach where we use SEO and data analytics to craft and  execute growth strategies for a variety of clients. I’m a product guy and enjoy building new data-driven tools, automations, and product deliverables for our clients. 

When I’m not wearing my technical marketing hat, I like learning new things and developing existing skillsets. Currently, my interests are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, storytelling, statistics, automation and data analysis with Python, tacos and margaritas, Ultralearning, and the Ender saga.


my perfect day

6:30 am

Wake up and get straight into my morning routine. This consists of drinking a glass of water with lemon and salt, going through my mobility routine, drinking Athletic Greens and coffee, then writing in my journal.

7:30 am​

I have fully embraced Cal Newport's book Deep Work. Each day, I do 3-4.5 hours of "deep work" first thing in the morning. This is work that drives results and usually requires the most cognitive effort.

11:00 am​

Eat, get ready, and then go to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practice.

12:00 pm

Train BJJ. BJJ has been the best stress reliever I've found. It's also incredibly fun. One of my best friends and the guy who got me into BJJ told me "he'd rather have a sore body and a clear mind, then the opposite." Wise words.

You can learn a lot about someone by learning how they spend their days. Here's a look at my perfect (productive) day:​

1:30 pm

Eat and then layout and get some sun, while reading a book.

2:15 pm

Catch up on email and any other administrative work.

3:00 pm

If I can get in some additional deep work during this time, that's preferred. Usually though, this time consists of meetings or other collaborative type work.

5:30 pm

Head to True Rest and get a float in. If you haven't tried float therapy, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's awesome for reducing stress and relaxing your body.

7:00 pm

Dinner and drinks with friends. Here in Austin, it's usually margaritas and tacos!

9:00 pm

Start winding down for the night with my evening routine. This consists of making my to-do list and smoothie for the next day, do my mobility routine, get ready for bed, and then do a bit more reading (I've been really into science-fiction lately).

10:30 pm


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