Like everything in life, life itself is about balance

About Me

I’m an entrepreneur, growth leader, and analytics engineer with a whole slew of random experiences I’ve obtained starting and building companies (2 of which have been successfully acquired).

I’m a builder at heart and love watching an idea turn into reality.

Personally, I’m always working towards growth and balance in my life physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, and through my relationships. One way this manifested itself was when my partner and I bought a log cabin in the middle of the pandemic.

She and I lived full time at the cabin for an entire year and had one of the highest growth periods of our lives. Now we split time between the cabin and Austin, TX.

I love coffee on our deck, yoga, BJJ, muay thai, reading, spending quality time with friends and family, Dry Farms wine (because a hangover is never worth it), nerdy computer things, saunas, cold plunges, sensory deprivation tanks, spending time in nature, shooting my bow, and trying new restaurants.

My Experience

I'm currently the CMO and co-founder of a startup in the education space. What we're building aligns with my current mission in life:

To create alternative paths to career success (other than higher ed) so that people can take care of their families and live happier lives.

2017 – 2021

Founder & CEO @ Assisted Reach

Started a business intelligence focused SEO and content marketing agency as a side hustle in 2017 that ended up evolving into a “real” company. Assisted Reach was acquired in 2021.

2020 – 2021

Founder @ LinkIntelligence.io

Created a tool I wrote about it in 2020 on Traffic Think Tank. After the article went live, I began receiving a number of inquires from people asking if I was selling the tool. Due to the demand, I decided to turn it into a product. LinkIntelligence.io was born in 2020 and then acquired in 2021. 


Analytics Engineering Manager @ Scribe Media

I started and built from the ground up Scribe Media’s analytics department using the modern data stack (i.e. BigQuery, DBT, various ETL tools and data pipelines, and Mode Analytics). Some of my favorite projects I worked on were marketing attribution, job costing, revenue and cash flow forecasting, and lead forecasting.


Analytics Engineer @ DriveTime

I was responsible for wrangling marketing data and building reporting that solved for ways of improving the user experience on DriveTime’s website. I also drove (no pun intended) DriveTime’s SEO and organic traffic acquisition strategies.


It’s extraordinarily difficult to find someone who is a true expert in search engine optimization and analytics like Cody is, and even more challenging to find someone who is so deeply specialized in one area of marketing, but also wants to be a true expert in others. I’m genuinely stoked to see how he changes the world at Stealth Mode Company.

Chris Piper

Director of Marketing

Cody is one of the most adept marketers I’ve met. He combines a “big picture” mindset when approaching business issues strategically, combined with his ability to scope near perfect implementation plans, and tactically execute against them. Cody’s technical and analytical experience is only surpassed by his ability to rally the troops behind him, drive alignment within his operating business unit, and see project’s through to completion.

Nick Eubanks

Founder & CSO

My Writing

I write about a whole slew of topics ranging from startups, growth marketing, and SEO to book review, physical and emotional well-being, and productivity.

Mental Models: The Map Is NOT The Territory

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What Are Mental Models & Why They’ll Improve Your Ability To Think

Note: All of the content below I learned and took from The Great Mental Models (Volume 1). It’s a great read that I highly recommend you checking out. Mental models have been a curiosity of mine since learning about them (likely from some piece of content put out by Naval Ravikant). The reason I’ve been ... What Are Mental Models & Why They’ll Improve Your Ability To Think

Ultralearning: Book Summary

Imagine you could optimize how you learn. I’m intrigued by this idea because of the implications. If I can learn better, I can improve most aspects of my life faster. As humans, we only get a short amount of time on this earth, so optimizing that time is really valuable. Time is one of the ... Ultralearning: Book Summary